Discussion Board Post #6

This time I would like to focus on and research, how has the Jim Crow era affected American Musicals today? I think history plays a big part in today’s present time, to be informed of what went on back in time is very important since we have the chance to compare and contrast historical events and today’s present time. My audience would be those who are interested in the development of American Musicals same as those who enjoy it. I think informing these two groups is important due to the fact that American Musicals today is way different compared to many years ago. Some people are really not informed about a specific group of people always  being targeted and taken advantage of back in time, who are the people of color. I will write my research paper in an informative way and collect interesting historical evidence to attract my readers. The themes that I’m going to analyze in my research paper are racism, discrimination, and historical events. My topic relates to political ideas since the government at the time really didn’t take racism seriously since it was seen a lot even before the Jim Crow era. The topic also relates to social ideas due to the fact that we had different people or groups of people with different perspectives in the discrimination in American Musicals. Also the topic relates to cultural ideas because the people of color were taken advantage of for their culture and tradition, and were made fun of. My topic definitely relates to historical ideas since it is an historical event that happened. But my topic doesn’t really relate to religious ideas since it doesn’t have to do so much with religion. My purpose of my essay is to inform those who don’t know the development of American Musicals.

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